Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a little something

I feel like I have not been posting .
I have been busy trying to get back on schedule at home and
with the new design team stuff, Well it is a joggle.
As my friend Kim H. would say WA, WA, WA,
Here is a little drawing that I did for my sis a while ago .
This is just a couple in a series.
I just love Frogs I actually have a tramp stamp of one .
Someday I will get a hole rain forest scene on my back .
Just kidding Family chill out ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spellbinders 2009 Design Team Retreat

Well I am back !! All most normal again.
It is hard being away form my girls & hubby for a week.
I had such a great time meeting & getting to know everyone .
I have never been around such a talented group of women at one time in my life .
I myself have never been apart of a Design Team before.
I feel that we all meshed very well together. Having such different styles it
worked very well . Putting a bunch of women together could
end up being a little catty. Being a hair stylist I seem to run across this a lot.
Spellbinders worked over time to put this trip together .
I would like to thank Stacey, Kim & whoever else for working to get the
Cross Promotional Products . The turn out was quite a site to see.
It is nice to know that there is great support from other Companies .
It really said a lot about Spellbinders . I would also like to Thank
Cathy for all the hard work she did .Going through the product,(fun fun )
Gathering information and teaching the wizard classes.
I even found Toby's marketing speech very interesting .
And there is no words that I can say to Maryanne Walker for
coming and certifying me in Copic Markers personally I am completely
fascinated with theses markers As, I am shore you are to!!
And this is just the beginning of
Cross Promotional Products
I will be listing all of these generous companies.
And link them in my side bar when I figure it out .(lol)
I am very nervous about the work load. I hope I can crank out the good stuff,
and not let anyone down. I know Spellbinders is expecting 100% this year
and with all the innovative projects they have brewing this should be a
great year ahead in this industry .
I have to start cooking. I have four projects due and I want to get them in on time!!
Hopefully I can get published.(hehehe)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring break here I come

I have been very busy not posting .
When I get back in town , I will post more Az.
here I come . There is a lot waiting for me there at the retreat .
I will tell all and have pictures!!To show when I get back in town.