Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spellbinders Tomorrow

I just have to tell everyone there is going to be a frenzy for Spellbinder's Tomorrow
and I can't wait .I am such a stockier when it comes to blogs, I just love all that is out there.
I must say Spellbinders has some of the coolest dies out there on the market today.
Not to mention some of the most talented & inspiring designers. Can you hear the kissing butt :) I personally can't wait to see all of there stuff. My head is spinning form all the new things I have seen heheheh.
Being apart of this amazing team has had it's challenges. With me having two babies & a part time job. It can be hard to get my work done. This month has been a challenging one. Having my four projects due and getting ready for CHA in Florida witch means another four projects on top CRAZY
And I asked for this. All in all this is and exciting time for me. I have been getting to do some pretty cool things with art that I would have put off and there are more things I wish I had the time for like posting and sharing what I have been doing . I think once I get use to or get faster at my turn over it will all work itself out. Tomorrow is going to be fun you will have to check it out !!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is my altered project for Spellbinders for the month of April. I just love working with Copper or any type of metals for that matter.
It really can make a statement. This is a terrible
photo. It does it no justice. Any who I used a couple of my favorite dies S4-076 Assorted Leaves & S4-011 Harvest Leaves Two. And one roll of craft copper foil . I also purchased a blank wooded frame that was a dollar at Micheal's Craft store. And a round Mirror at my all time favorite Craft Store Pat Catan's . Oh ya I used some hot glue and some tree branches from out side they where just laying around the house. This is what I consider an altered project. taking a plane round mirror and Turing it into something that I would hang in my house. Hope you all like this one. I know that it looks much better in person. Have a great night !!
Christy Farneth-Kerr

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


At one point I had thought I would be an artist for Disney. As a kid in school I was always drawing cartoons. My favorite is Calvin and Hobbies a little Cartoon by Bill Waterson, And I can draw anything from Beauty & the Beast.

Any way I can totally see these as stamps now. I like sharing them. The only people who have seen them is my family.
I hope you like them as much as they did.
I am very busy creating fabulous things for Spellbinders enough reminiscing !! Have a great Day Yah All!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lady Luck

This is one of my cards that I made for Spellbinders. I am always looking at the dies and trying to come up with different ways that I can use them. The poodle is a great example of that. This card I made a tri-fold card by connecting the inside body together. I though that the paisley die looked a little like well a bug. The dots came from the flower creations die, I never throw any thing away.
when it comes to my paper crafting . I am sesiously thinking about making my own paper with the scraps I am not using . I am sure some of you are already doing that. I am just saving it .

Monday, June 1, 2009

Some thing to share "Finally"

April's art work has been released from Spellbinders. Now I can share what I have been working on. I think I am going to do this spared out so I don't run out of things . I want to share my Scrapbook layout today. Totally 50's inspired by the dresses my Mom found in her travels last Summer. She travels doing demo's for Spellbinders. The poodles on these dresses inspired me to create a poodle using the Classic Scalloped Ovals. Sometimes. Sometimes I see things in my head and they don't come out so good on paper. This just came together for me. It was a lot of fun.
Back to work!! Spellbinders has a lot of new amazing thing in store. I can't wait to share more:) heheh!!!