Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spellbinders 2009 Design Team Retreat

Well I am back !! All most normal again.
It is hard being away form my girls & hubby for a week.
I had such a great time meeting & getting to know everyone .
I have never been around such a talented group of women at one time in my life .
I myself have never been apart of a Design Team before.
I feel that we all meshed very well together. Having such different styles it
worked very well . Putting a bunch of women together could
end up being a little catty. Being a hair stylist I seem to run across this a lot.
Spellbinders worked over time to put this trip together .
I would like to thank Stacey, Kim & whoever else for working to get the
Cross Promotional Products . The turn out was quite a site to see.
It is nice to know that there is great support from other Companies .
It really said a lot about Spellbinders . I would also like to Thank
Cathy for all the hard work she did .Going through the product,(fun fun )
Gathering information and teaching the wizard classes.
I even found Toby's marketing speech very interesting .
And there is no words that I can say to Maryanne Walker for
coming and certifying me in Copic Markers personally I am completely
fascinated with theses markers As, I am shore you are to!!
And this is just the beginning of
Cross Promotional Products
I will be listing all of these generous companies.
And link them in my side bar when I figure it out .(lol)
I am very nervous about the work load. I hope I can crank out the good stuff,
and not let anyone down. I know Spellbinders is expecting 100% this year
and with all the innovative projects they have brewing this should be a
great year ahead in this industry .
I have to start cooking. I have four projects due and I want to get them in on time!!
Hopefully I can get published.(hehehe)


  1. Hey there roomie! I had lots of fun with you. Love your blog picture.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I tried out for the Design Team but didn't make it, I will try again next year. I am from Ohio too, from the Cleveland area. Congratulations on making the team!!!

  3. Hey Girlfriend!! OMGosh the retreat was soooo amazing and it was so much fun seeing you again!! Love the new look of your blog! Tell your mom hello--miss ya and (((hugs))) to you both! This is going to be such a Fantastic year!!

  4. Wow what a blast we had!! It was so great meeting you and hanging out. We HAVE to do this again somehow someway!! Talk to you later!!