Monday, March 23, 2009

Bunny Gift Bags

this is my bunny bags using spellbinders dies ..
8x 10 Bags And copic markers .
I wish I had some clear pictures .
I really need to figure this out .

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bunny Project

I have a project in the works right now for a friend that involves a bunny gift bag . I am doing four . And they are time consuming . I will be posting them soon . Having two little one makes this a little challenging . I will just keep swimming As Dorie would say !! Post pictures soon !!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I think I need some photography classes .Sorry my
pictures are not the greatest right now . I will figure that out someday when I am not so busy .
This card was inspired by a purse card I saw in the card marker Mag . My friend is having a jewelry
party and wanted me to come up with some kind of discount I could give them (You know because I do Hair) . As a party gift .I did not want to do a boring flyer . This is what I came up with . It was easy.
I used my Wizard (He is so wonderful:} I would Merrie him if I could ) no other machine can emboss quite like him .
Spellbinders Dies S4-072- Flower Creations S4-101 Flower Creations Two
I like to mix them up a lot. S3-150 Ribbon Trio S4-132 Classic Rec. Lg.
S4-133 C.S.R.lg .
The only thing was I had to Hand cut the shape of the purse 30 times . I would Love a die that shape NOW THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING hum mm!!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

sketch challenge #71

Sketch Challenge this weekend was fun !
I want to use this format for an invite.

Here is my supply list : Copic Markers SB110,E09,
Y18, YR65,YR68. I really don't straight coloring alot,
I like to use my air gun .

Spellbinders Dies : S4-130 , S4-133 , S4-157 ,S4081
Ranger Glitter Glue , Weir wrapping ,beading .
I sure hope my pictures are clear .I think I need
another light .

Friday, March 6, 2009

A thought I have to get out

I really don't have much this week .I have been spring cleaning .Trying to
get things done because I will be going to AZ. Before I know it. There has been aa lot of buzz on two peas about CK 's mag . I have been reading a lot about that . Times are tough .It will be interesting to see witch Big Paper
Art Companies make it out of this recession . Maybe the little companies are the way to go . Look at the big malls they are changing there look , go back to the window shop outlets .People don't want to walk through the mall anymore.They want convenience in and out . much like inter net travel.
Coming in this from a fine arts back ground .I think CK 's mag is very good .
It probably could focus on different styles more .For the most part it seems to focus on a little bit here and there . Not getting to involved in one thing . Any way I don't want to see them go out of business over this .To many people are losing there jobs . This is a fairly new break through in the hole art realm .I think Paper Crafting is here to stay . It has always been here
stamping , scrapbooking,card making and altered seem to be all lumped together and frankly they should stick together .They make a stronger appereence when they stand together.
well I am done rantting haaaaa. It is off my chest and that is what this journey is all about .

Monday, March 2, 2009

Inspired Birthday Card

I have to admit this card was completely inspired
by Heidi on Spellbinders Design Team.I saw her
card and knew I had to use my hart dies for this
Birthday card . I used the hart Nesties and ovals .
I also had to use my Copic BV08,FRV1 because "I
& of course some Bling along with my glitter glue.
I hope you like . enjoy the rest of your Monday .