Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Witch Hat

Well Halloween costume making is in full bloom at my house. I have not been able to do much more then that LOL. My Five year old asked me to dress up like a witch with her :) I have to dress up on Friday at work too. So I decided that I would make my hat out of poster board and some of my fun Halloween dies :) Here is what I came up with LOL It is pretty big about 2 feet tall haha ha Oh, I have a art blog now. Here is my link http://lookatchristyssketchpad.blogspot.com They are very rough drawings right now I am trying to find my style. I want to send a special thanks to my big sis for inspiring me to take big chances you never know where they can take you :)


  1. What a fun Witch's hat Christy! Love all the Jack-o-lanterns & flowers strewn about the vine! :) TFS

  2. W.O.W. Christy this is amazing! Love how wicked the hat looks. Love all the different shapes and colours you used. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!