Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spellbinders Tomorrow

I just have to tell everyone there is going to be a frenzy for Spellbinder's Tomorrow
and I can't wait .I am such a stockier when it comes to blogs, I just love all that is out there.
I must say Spellbinders has some of the coolest dies out there on the market today.
Not to mention some of the most talented & inspiring designers. Can you hear the kissing butt :) I personally can't wait to see all of there stuff. My head is spinning form all the new things I have seen heheheh.
Being apart of this amazing team has had it's challenges. With me having two babies & a part time job. It can be hard to get my work done. This month has been a challenging one. Having my four projects due and getting ready for CHA in Florida witch means another four projects on top CRAZY
And I asked for this. All in all this is and exciting time for me. I have been getting to do some pretty cool things with art that I would have put off and there are more things I wish I had the time for like posting and sharing what I have been doing . I think once I get use to or get faster at my turn over it will all work itself out. Tomorrow is going to be fun you will have to check it out !!

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